Smith and Deli. cont.🙏

Just more amazing eats vegan from Smith and Deli. A fully Vegan deli, 111 moor st, Fitzroy. Melbourne. 

 Pesto Pesci with ‘ham’  
Mint slice 

Orange cream doughnut with hibiscus glaze and crumble topping 

Cookies and brownie 

Hail Seitan toastie   
Coconut sugar cinnamon doughnuts 


Lemonade Crème brĂ»lĂ©e tart 

Foghorn leghorn and Chickin’ salad sandwiches  

Vegan chocolate tart. 

So chocolate tart is probably one of my favourite a bit obsessed. I baked one the other day using a previously posted cookie dough recipe as the delish crunchy base…and after the base had cooled I added a creamy liquid chocolate to the top. ( 250g melted dark chocolate & 250 mls coconut cream. Pinch of cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla, mix gently and pour over base- cool in fridge to set) . Add more volume if needed to fill the tart base. And voila! Cookie based Choc Mouse Tart.